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Greetings from the beautiful Hudson Valley, in not-quite-so upstate New York. There is much history here, and beyond the revolutionary war themed everything, there is a great history of Art here. The Hudson River School of painting started here; Washington Irving wrote his famous novels set in this area, and the Symphony for the New World of Dvorak sings of the grand vistas, lush green mountains and pristine waters.

Into this mix I humbly offer my voice. I have for many years created music here, in a tremendous variety of styles and purpose. But now at age 58 I wish to bring all the styles, sounds, textures and ideas that have thrilled me across my professional life under one “umbrella”, if you will. In a new, flexible context, one which will enable myself and other composers to reach for something a little different. And so I present to you, and to the world: The X Ensemble.?Using elements of Jazz, Ambient Music, Minimalism, Traditional Classical and much more, the X Ensemble finds new ways to bring commonalty to the diverse language of music.

Our premiere concert took place on October 16th 2016 in Newburgh NY, to a sold out crowd. The program featured original compositions in various styles, plus reworked music of Beethoven and Gershwin.


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