20 20 24 Hours to Go…

We have arrived at “the night before”. In a few minutes I’ll be heading to the studio to load in my equipment, along with Angel Michael Lau (percussionist) and Todd Isler (drums and percussion). We’ll be setting up the ‘foundation’ of equipment – the pieces that need stands and wires – plus setting a few microphones and checking levels, all in the interest of expediting things “day-of-show”.

Rehearsals have gone very well considering there aren’t enough of them, and it’s only through the talent time and energies of the amazing musicians I have the good fortune to work with that the work will come off at all. i’m tremendously excited, but with an undertaking of this size (for me, that is) I’m also considerably nervous. (Some Dutch Courage might be in order, hmmm…)

And with that I’m out the door to the studio. See you “on stage” – in your homes – tomorrow evening. Cheers!